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Skydive in Australia
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Hello friends, have you ever thought of trying skydiving?

I am sure many of you have seen pictures of others doing what is known as a tandem jump and checking skydiving off their bucket list. Unfortunately, one does not simply say that "I have driven a Ferrari!!" when in reality he/she was only a passenger for the ride. Which brings me to the point of why not consider getting the license which will allow you to jump SOLO in any dropzone all over the world. Feel the wind rush past you as you manoeuvre your body and control your speed & direction during free-fall, then steer your parachute down to the landing area. 

Skydiving A-license

In one week you can learn how to skydive solo and obtain an internationally accredited A-License allowing you to skydive solo all around the world. You will learn the skills required to skydive safely with the aid of instructors in an Accelerated Free Fall course (AFF). The AFF consists of a full day of theory and practical class in ground school followed by 10 jumps to test the required skills for solo skydive. After clearing all the stages in the AFF course, one will be required to clock at least 15 jumps (inclusive of AFF jumps), land your canopy 10 times accurately within 30m of the target landing area and clear a written examination to obtain the A-license.

What comes next?

The fun truly starts after getting the A-license as now you have some freedom to go up for a "fun" jump and just freefall without having to worry about whether you meet the standard to pass a jump stage. Progression can be on your own pace and you can begin to explore the whole new world of possibilities in the different disciplines of skydiving. You can choose to go further in the sport and go for the B-license and star-crests to jump in big groups. Practice canopy piloting like aerial formations or swooping like the Red Lions every National Day. Perhaps you have seen videos of BASE jumping and the daredevil antics in wing-suiting off a cliff in Switzerland. Or simply because you like to learn how to freefly in different positions like a bird in the sky. All of these will only be achievable after attaining the A-license.



BASE jumping:


Skydive the beach and beyond

This is actually a very good opportunity to learn skydiving in a prime location considering how cheap the Aussie dollar has fallen. Usually, the cost for the AFF course alone, not accounting for other administrative charges and fees to get the license, will be around 3-4k after currency conversion in other countries like Dubai, Japan, Thailand and even in Europe or the US. The price for a full package to get the license in Perth which takes care of everything you need for the week and consists of 10 AFF jumps + 5 free jumps + 1 week free food and on-site accommodation within the dropzone itself + membership and other administrative fees included would only cost AUD2.6k. Additional fun jumps would only cost AUD$54 after getting the license compared to AUD$200-300+ for doing a tandem.

I will be going in December or early January to get this license and if I can get more people to join the course maybe i can ask for more benefits like lower prices or more free jumps. If you are interested in joining me for the trip, you can post here to inquire more about it.

Blue skies!!