Author Topic: Seeing the world in 500 days II  (Read 1220 times)

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Seeing the world in 500 days II
« on: Sep 21, 15, 02:52 AM »
Dear all,

My humble work, "Seeing the world in 500 days II" is now out in the stores.

If you had read my first book, "Seeing the world in 500 days", then you should not miss this sequel, which tells of the second half of my 500 days journey around the world. If you had not read the first book, then here is your chance to "go around the world" just by sitting in your couch as you can follow me around the world in my adventures!

The book is available at all Popular Bookstores (travel section) for S$15.90.

Thank you everyone in advance for the support. Thank you mods for allowing me to shamelessly plug the book here!  ;D

Happy reading and happy travels everyone!