Author Topic: whats your style of traveling  (Read 3263 times)

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whats your style of traveling
« on: Jan 14, 14, 09:39 AM »
i am always curious for season travellers here,
do you always plan your trip and pre book all your lodging and transport beforehand or
are you the type that like to only decide on where to stay and what to do when you arrived at a place?

please share your good and bad experience.

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Re: whats your style of traveling
« Reply #1 on: Jan 14, 14, 02:49 PM »
If you come to our monthly gathering, you will quickly learn that the styles vary tremendously: from the plan-till-the -last-detail type to the carefree-depends-on-how-I-feel-when-I'm-there variety.

Personally, I am more of the "plan the 'big picture' and leave the details till when I am on the ground" type. The only exception is if I am going to a place during peak periods.

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Re: whats your style of traveling
« Reply #2 on: Jan 15, 14, 04:32 AM »
I'll like to add that even for a single person, traveling styles may change based on the type/length of trips.

I'm also the plan-big-picture-details-on-ground kind of traveler but for short trips, I try to have most things settled beforehand. Yes, peak/festival periods too, will plan more/prebook etc.

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Re: whats your style of traveling
« Reply #3 on: Jan 29, 14, 06:30 AM »
I think traditionally a lot of beginning travellers start with more detailed travel plans, and get a bit more lazy when they become more experienced. Personally I still alternate between micro-planned trips and book-a-flight-and-go adventures.

Budget plays a role. I usually plan more upfront, when I don't have too much cash to burn. And if you don't travel alone, leaving things to chance is usually a bit more difficult.

I've also noticed that sometimes I "overplan". Meaning that I plan for more things than my time on the ground allows. And then when travelling, I choose whatever options that I fancy most, or that works out best given the circumstances.
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