Author Topic: Transferring down payment to Nepal  (Read 2364 times)

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Transferring down payment to Nepal
« on: Aug 14, 13, 07:53 AM »

Was trying to do a transfer of my down payment to Nepal
do you know any Bank / company transfer allows us to transfer is USD ?

Tried SingPost and Western Union, but they only transfer SGD ,
and it was rejected by the Nepal side , as they only accept USD

Tried OCBC Bank , and they need us to provide a intermediary bank information for that   :icon_pale:

Thanks in advance

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Re: Transferring down payment to Nepal
« Reply #1 on: Aug 15, 13, 03:57 AM »
Your payee should be able to provide you with their bank name, account number and SWIFT code. With their bank SWIFT code, any bank in Singapore should be able to nominate an intermediary bank in Nepal to on-transfer the money.

Alternatively, go to the Indian banks in Singapore - State Bank of India, Indian Bank, IOB, ICICI - and they should either have branches in Nepal or agent banks there.

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Re: Transferring down payment to Nepal
« Reply #2 on: Aug 25, 13, 06:01 AM »
there are tons of remittance services, even mustafa has its own remittance service, compare the rates

i use them to transfer money to india, bank rates are not so competitive with the rates and has charges.

wont recommend a particular one, as rates vary, you can find them in little india or even lucky plaza and pen plaza.