Author Topic: advice needed for travel to christchurch 19th oct to 3 nov 2012 (14 days)  (Read 7539 times)

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hi ,

will be going to new zealand south island for 14 days. may i have any good sample itinerary we can follow so we can experience the all that new zealand can offer us ??

any help is appreciated and also if you have any great itinerary please also email me at or call me to tell me your great adventures at 90285886




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Really depends on what do you wish to see/achieve/do/experience?

I was just back from NZ south island (and a wee bit of wwoofing in north island) and here's my itinerary of south island:

*Oh, worth noting that while I was traveling around, there are an equal amt of people who do the anti- clockwise direction vs. clockwise direction. Here's similar to what I did (except that I skipped Mt Cook totally):

- Wellington -> Picton [main gateway into South Island via Marlborough Sounds, have to try]
- Picton -> Nelson (nelson's near to some boutique family run wineries such as Neudorf and Seifried) 
- Nelson -> Blenheim (great base for exploring Marlborough wineries, worth visiting: Hunters, Hans Herzog, Seresin - a biodynamic vineyard and of course everyone knows Cloudy Bay)
- Blenheim -> Kaikoura (you have to.. have to.. try the crayfish)
- Kaikoura -> Christchurch (seal colony viewpoints along the way)
- Christchurch -> Lake Tekapo (powder blue lake from the residual of ice age times)
- Lake Tekapo - Mount Cook
- Mount Cook - Oamaru (for another chance at penguin colonies along the coastline) -> Dunedin (for its Albatross and penguin colony in the Otago Harbour area)
- Dunedin - Invercargil (try the bluff oysters. on the way, have to do the drive into Catlins Forest Park, Kaka Point, head to Curio Bay where you have a chance of seeing hoiho-yellow eyed penguins in their most natural habitat.. w/o paying. :D)
- Invercargil - Te Anau (for the section of Milford track, or most people do parts of the Kepler Track)
- Te Anau - milford sounds
- Milford Sounds - Queenstown (bungee, shotover river, para-gliding.. not called adventure city for nothing, more wine!!!, Fergburger, a panoramic view up the QT Hill which warrants a 1hour uphill track)
- Queenstown -> Arrowtown (beautiful quaint little town) -> Wanaka (visit Rippon Vineyard)
- Wanaka -> Fox Glacier (where you can do the ice walk treks to FJ)
- Fox Glacier -> Greymouth
- Greymouth -> Christchurch (if you have time, visit Akaroa peninsula, said to be a french little peninsula, i did not have time for that as it was time for me to return home!)

*One thing to note, post last year's earthquake in Christchurch, pretty much most of the stuff/action within city centre (now known as red zone) is out of bounds. Having said that, the area outside red zone is worth visiting just to have a tour of the quake-ruined houses and the quirky makeshift containers which are used as malls known as the Re:Start.

Writing this out of what I can recall, if you need further information, i'll be happy to share my experience.

FYI - I was backpacking alone and bought a cheap car in Blenheim for 1.2K NZD. served me well and beats renting a car, though you have to live with the risk of a 20+ year old car breaking down. Hitch-hiking and picking up hitch-hikers along the way is generally safe. ( they say if you want to start hitchhiking, NZ is the place! By statistics, i was told that less than 5 backpackers disappeared in the last 10 years. do your math) Promote the hitch-hiking spirit and pick up people along the way, always refreshing to hear stories and travel tips which may be useful, or if not, an added experience. I have met heaps of people along the way and have definitely enjoyed hearing different stories each time.

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Hi lanman, apologies first for hijacking, i will remove post if not ok.

Im also looking to travel NZ south, well tramping (hiking) actually. Been reading a bit and seems the permits a little overwhelming.

Anyone has experience in hiking nz?

My travel period almost same as yours too.
Aus, Bali, Langkawi, UK, Taiwan, looking forward to : NZ tramping in 2013

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Do the Milford Track!! So Beautiful!!! There are loads of places to tramp in NZ..