Author Topic: Taiwan/HK/Bali/Thai Isles etc between 4nov and 18nov  (Read 1969 times)

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Greetings  :hello: .

Trying to go somewhere to relax between the above dates.

Theme: RELAX, food, drinks, urban trekking, beach, poolbar, fishing, sunsets, etc.

Budget: S$0 to S$5000 (cheap but safe; expensive but value for money)

Who: 2 to 4 non-smokers. Polite ppl (when kena con, a bit of fbeep-beepk-beep is ok). Chin-chye. Fun loving. 25 yrs old to 40 yrs young. More ideas/suggestions/solutions than complaints.

Preference: Don't share room lah, i shy (i'm guy and straight hor!).

Very vague plan i know, just so it's not imposing my own idea of vacation on anyone interested. Please post more ideas. Message me and we will exchange facebook or msn.