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Re: Ultralight travel - No check in, long-term travel
« Reply #15 on: Oct 18, 11, 08:52 PM »
I have been using Eagle Creek pack-its (1 for clothes, 1 for electronics and loose items) and an Osprey Stratos 34l for all my travels in the past few years.  Besides the shoes I am wearing, I only carry an extra pair for cheapo slippers.

Wow, 34L! That's very little baggage! Please tell us what you bring!
If it is for warm climate, no problem, just two t-shirts and two lightweight pants.
But for cold climate... very difficult.
I only bring 1.5 set of clothes + 1 set of pyjamas for clothing and this is already too much bulk even with the compression bags.
And then there's the electronics, chargers and loose items which also take up space.

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Re: Ultralight travel - No check in, long-term travel
« Reply #16 on: Oct 19, 11, 12:07 AM »
Yeah you are right, I have never really traveled in winter with such a bag.

My trip to China will be in November.  While I will bring some long sleeves, thermals and a sweater with hood, beanie and stuffs, I am not bringing any heavy jacket.  If needed, I will buy the jacket in China and wear it when I move around.

I am doing a dry run of packing my stuffs soon.  Will take some photos.  :D

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Re: Ultralight travel - No check in, long-term travel
« Reply #17 on: Oct 23, 11, 09:25 AM »
Here's my Packing List

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Re: Ultralight travel - No check in, long-term travel
« Reply #18 on: Jun 03, 12, 06:35 AM »
i have a huge 70l bag (it's bigger than my whole body haha), but i only fill 1/5th of it most times. the rest is air, plenty of space to throw things haphazardly in when you wake up in the morning and realise you're late for the train. zippered from end to end so no need to even bother about folding clothes in space-saving manner. had wanted to change to a smaller bag but havent been able to find a zippered one - end to end. no fighting with straps, zips are the best. ive always been the first out of the door the past 15 years. haha.

5 day trip to malaysia, i brought this one weightless tote with 3 tshirts and 1 pants. looked like i was going to ntuc to buy fish.

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Re: Ultralight travel - No check in, long-term travel
« Reply #19 on: Apr 28, 13, 08:54 AM »
I swear by these Daiso vacuum bags! Have used various brands, but these $2 a pop bags rox!

For base layers, merino wool is the way to go! (Yeah, icebreaker is one of the best, not just for baselayers)

Yeah, lots of pple swear by the Ex-Officio underwear. Mabbe will give it a try one of these days.... how much are these? But my $10 for 3 underwear lingeries from Robinsons is serving me well so far... :p

Good tips from furfur and WuffRuff ! :thumbsup:

I have also buy some for my wife and she didn't like it that much..
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Re: Ultralight travel - No check in, long-term travel
« Reply #20 on: May 01, 13, 03:44 PM »
Hello. If we are looking at ultralight travel, realistically we're talking about a maximum of 7kg, which is what AirAsia and Tiger allows (Jetstar is 10kg) as carry-on baggage.

Going towards ultralight travel means your gear costs will shoot up. For me, I'm slowly phasing out my old gear and actively picking out ultralight stuff whenever possible. And dropping everything that isn't useful. It takes a bit of practice, but after realising that you spent the whole trip not using that heavy sweater, you learn to leave it at home. It also depends on where exactly you are going. Ultralight in Angkor isn't the same as ultralight in Annapurna.

Here are some of the goods I'm using.
  • Osprey Atmos 50: It's 1.5kg (the female equivalent is the Osprey Aura). I got mine from Sports Connection. The Atmos 65 version stores more things, but I've only checked in that one, never used as hand-carry before. Quite light with aluminium frame, comfortable too.
  • ExOfficio underwear: It's tagline is "17 countries. 6 weeks. And one pair of underwear". Very expensive, but it's quick dry and comfy. You just need two and switch around daily. The Planet Traveller sells these.
  • I'm using Icebreaker's Ultralight 150 merino wool baselayer. It's not synthetic so won't stink up. Quite comfortable to just walk around with it and a cotton T over.
  • Marmot has a good series of ultralight layers. Camper's Corner stocks them i think. But again $$$
  • Manzella windstopper gloves. There are other models that are warmer, but these are almost weightless.

Actually if all these gets too expensive, there are cheaper alternatives that work as well. Like my light cotton pants from FOXmen. Or the SAF messenger bag ($10 only! light and portable)

Here's my 2-cents:
1) Wear your shoes, instead of the flip flops, onto the plane. Shoes add weight
2) Carry your laptop outside if you have one. The airlines allow 7kg AND one other item (like laptop)
3) You can try stuffing your pockets with stuff so that your carry on <7kg. I haven't tried it myself though.
4) Buy those rubber sink plugs from HOME-FIX DIY. Its only a dollar and will save your life when you need to wash your clothes --> you have to wash, if you are bringing two t-shirts for a 1 month trip!
5) Similarly, bring a coil of nylon string to hang your clothes dry.
6) When packing, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Takes up much less space. I will then stuff them into the ziploc bags (get Jumbo size!). One bag should be enough to keep everything.
7) Bring a buff (those hankie things you tie around your head), its multipurpose and useful for everything.
8.) Quick dry towels help too. I've a 40x80cm Drylite towel (small, around one arm's length) as my bath towel.
9) As a rule of thumb, 2 shirts, 1 set of clean sleeping attire, one pair of pants to wear everyday is what I use. Replace whenever anything gets torn.

I'll add on if i think of other stuff. Still learning what to bring / not to bring though.

Anyone with more tips to share? cheers.

Your suggestions are quite good. I know you did a good research and i am also new person..
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