Author Topic: Free & Easy Self-Drive to Msia, Thai, Cambodia, Viet & Laos.  (Read 3523 times)

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Hi everyone. Im new here.
Coming mid Nov, I plan to drive up from SG to Msia, Thai, Cambodia, Viet & Laos. Back from Northern Thai

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Hi, just to ask roughly how long will the entire trip be and what car and how many drivers are you looking at? I've only done road trips into Malaysia as far as Cameron Highlands, but a trip into Thailand would require a week at least.

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so are u male or female?
Juz kaypo  :P

anyway, to the best of my understanding, Singapore reg cars are not permited into thailand.
(not sure if it is still vaild though)

If so, that means u will be renting car to travel the length of each respective coutntry?
or are u biking.

This is certainly an interesting adventure... unfortunately not for me at this point of time.  :(

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Hi Travelsnapper & harnamsc,
I mentioned I am a 50 yrs old chinese male.  :)
SG car can enter Thailand. You have to buy a 3rd party insurance at about 1K Baht for 7 days duration. You can buy more days too.This is to protect their ppl and property shld one involve with an accident. It can be bought when you stamp yr PP at the custom. Anyway, its compulsory. Msia vehs are too not exempted.
SG insurance covers up to 50 miles after Thai-msia checkpoint.
I am driving my own car. A toyota Estima. Will be driving alone, thot of getting a female companion to tag along. I no longer working, so time is no limit. It may take about 1 mth or 2 to complete. "Own Time owm target!"
The last time I drove to Kanchanaburi was 17 yrs ago, I covered approx 1700 km up there. lost a couple of time, but was very worth driving in Thai.
This time round, going to make my MPV a Campevan! yeah!

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Will be driving alone, thot of getting a female companion to tag along.

Raises one of my non-female side eyebrow.  :p

came across a few chinese adventurers in laos who drove from Guandong to Vietnam,cambodia and laos
quite fun if you have a few people joining you.
2 person can be a little strained.

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True, especially yr partner can't drive and when you are not well.
I was impressed with a couple I met in Mae Hong Son, thailand, they simply drive to Chiang Mai all by her husband who is about my age. Its amazing. They even wanted to drive into the Union of Maynmar but due to tight schedule. This was partly the reason that inspired me to make this trip once I retire.