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Title: travel partners forum
Post by: sll24 on Aug 24, 09, 10:53 PM
hi, the travel partner forum appears to be the most visited / posted one on this site. to improve ease of use and reduce the # of 'back and forth' posts, would suggest to do something similar to what they do in the clubsnap forum for wtb / wts ads.

when you post a wts ad, for example, you will be prompted to enter some compulsory fields, like contact #, price, make / model of camera, pickup points, condition of camera etc.

similarly, for travel partners, we could set up compulsory fields like # of days, budget (with / without breakdown), contact #, max no of ppl, dates of travel etc.

then, if dates / budgets / # pax change for whatever reason, not sure if there is a function to update everyone who's subscribed to the thread on the news.

just my 2 cents at travelbug's urging. hope it helps!
Title: Re: travel partners forum
Post by: garryhuang on Dec 02, 09, 02:49 PM
Good suggestion, but they have resources ($$$) that we don't... we are actively looking for volunteers to help us do more!