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Santa Claus Village
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It was in late January when i landed at Helsinki airport. It was dim and snowing away. One can only imagine how i felt when i bent down to actually touch the snow with my hands for it was the first time i saw snow.

I took the bus all the way to the train station and purchased my tickets to Rouveniemi (?spelling). I waited for five hours for the train as i wanted the night train in order to save costs. After waiting for a while, i happened to meet another traveller from India. Not taking the same train as me but also waiting for a train. As we were tired of waiting and waiting we decided to just go for a coffee together. Until today, we still keep in contact and it is one of those friendships i feel are borne out of the most unlikely scenarios.

Anyway, i boarded the train and settled down for an overnight journey. Has anyone seen Polar Express the movie? Let me just say that the train looks exactly like it, except for the caboose at the head. Still, as i looked out of the window, hands on the heater incidentally, i felt a sense of freedom i never felt before. I had quit a job after my bond and now i am free to roam wherever i want to and this is suposedly the first stop in my 2 month long backpacking trip.

When i reached Rouveniemi, i had to get out of the train and trudge threought the snow for a while before i reached the station proper. Now, as an independent traveller, i did not book any accommodation in advance. So i went up to the lady in the station.

Lady nods and gives a lists.
bear looks at the lists, cannot make head or tail but saw some word of hostels with phone numbers.
bear:"Use your telephone?"
Lady nods.
bear picks up phone and calls the first number in front of a long list of words which has the word hostsl.
bear:"U speak English?"
Person answering phone:"yes......."

And the rest is history. I got the hostel and i went to the nearest gas station for a breakfast. Let me say that i nearly died on the way there. I jaywalked at a part of the road that was free from snow, not realising that it was all ice. I fell on my butt with full force and i was carrying my baggage as well. I was stunned then a truck started to bear down on me.. I crawled to the side of ther road and survived. After eating breakfast i hitched a ride to the hostel.

Settling down at the hostel, i had a rest before taking the public transport to Santa Claus Village. The Santa Claus Village was not really crowded. Knee deep in snow and there were Christmas carols blaring away. I spent an hour or so there, saw some reindeers and then headed back to the hostel.

Next morning, i spent the morning tramping around town before heading back to the train station for my trip back to Helsinki. One of the best memory i had was when i looked at the map at the hostel. I saw Helsinki, where i came from. I saw Rouveniemi, where i was. I saw Ouvulu, further north, right at the Arctic and i was wondering. So free, not expected back home till April, what if i just changed my mind and just headed North??
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[ Journal ] Santa Claus Village
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Quote from: "soul4travel"
Congrat... finally there is the first travel journal submitted...tah tah ...

Bear...nice work... still drinking with santa claus or already back to sg?

I was back in 2004.  Long time already but memory still fresh.. 8)