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Canada : Rockies, Calgary and Edmonton
« on: May 19, 06, 11:31 PM »
Anyone seen Brokeback Mt? anyway, some sites on travelling around Alberta.

10-14 days is enough to enjoy the area. Can Canoe in Lake Louise and hike the Columbia ice fields.
Rent a car(make sure unlimited miles), its a nice road trip!
Calgary ->  Canmore (Banff) -> Canadian Ice Field -> Jasper -> Edmonton
-> Calgary

Lodging in Canmore - Quilters Inn Bed & Breakfast  (nice old couple, make alot of nice Quilts), the rooms are located in the walk out basement style alot of privacy.

Lodging in Jasper - there were alot of BB however we decide to stay in Hinton a little our of Jasper as we were leaving for Edmonton

Lodging in Hinton - Collinge Hill Bed and Breakfast

A good BB site in Canada :

Canmore is a small town, a nice place to walk around. If you are dying for ice wine don't get it there, so expensive. U can get that in Calgary or Edmonton.

Sadly I did not get to Hike Columbia Ice Field or ride the big vehicle, I went to a 2 people that don't want to hike or see major attraction. Just want to sit under the tree and relax!
We did some activities but like 50% of what I planned for. Will be going there again (of course not with them!).

Below a photo taken in Canadian Rockies

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