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Spanish Schools in Latin America
« on: Nov 06, 16, 02:23 PM »
Just wanted to start a topic on Spanish Schools in Latin America, since most of us do not speak Spanish, and would be interested in picking it up if travelling extensively in Latin America. Any recommendations? Experiences to share?

I am currently in Sucre, after hearing that it is the best place in Bolivia to learn Spanish. Yes, Sucre is cheap, and it is a nice city, but the schools here are in general very unprofessional. Most, if not all their teachers are not really qualified to teach. Be prepared for mixed up schedules, and for teachers not to want to teach a lesson if it does not fit their schedule. Also be prepared for mistakes along the way. Do not believe that they have experience helping students pass their Spanish DELE exams. They just do not have the relevant experience. Most teachers also do not teach vosotros-type conjugations, because they simply do not know it (they do not use vosotros in Latin America, but it is used in Spain). I guess lessons are good enough if you just want a basic course, to learn basic Spanish like in the back of the Lonely Planet guides. Probably still okay for a week-long class (simple present?). Not worth it, if you need to go further in-depth (I am now at the point of using the subjunctive).

By the way, all their materials are copied from other schools in Latin America, such as from Ecuador. They generally do not have their own texts. All their reference materials and books the teachers use are photocopied from somewhere else. And I am talking about one of the "better" schools in Sucre!

Any other experiences to share? How about Quito, Ecuador or Antigua, Guatemala?
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