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TB Iran Dec 2016
« on: May 24, 16, 04:33 PM »

Planning to travel around Iran for 10 days during the x'mas period. Likely to visit the usual suspects: Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and currently undecided on Yazd, Kashan, Tabriz...

Weather-wise it's not the most ideal but it's probably better than the very hot summers, and it's an easy period to take leave from work.

Ping me if interested:


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Re: TB Iran Dec 2016
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Hi everyone,

If you plan to visit any countries, i suggest you please check first on those countries in US Travel Advisory & UK Travel Advisory websites first.

When reading up on the country specific advisories, pls interpret US citizens or UK citizens as foreigners - because if the country has increased risks, even if they are not targetting you, you could be a collateral damage/casualty just by being at the wrong place and wrong time.

More importantly, if the country you intend to visit has a travel advisory issued against it, it generally means unsafe, no matter what they write.  Becos the US and UK governments do not anyhow issue travel advisories against any particular countries, unless they deem the threat to be imminent, or the risk "more likely than not to happen".

For travel advisory on issued by the US govt, please see:-

For travel advisory issued by the UK govt, please see:-

There is always a good time to visit all countries - choose your timing well and enjoy your visit.