Author Topic: TB Last 2-3 weeks of Dec (New Zealand? South America? USA?)  (Read 5009 times)

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hey everyone!

I'm looking for travel buddy(ies) for the last 2-3 weeks of Dec.. Got a lot of leave to clear so have to use before the year ends..

Currently looking at New Zealand as a potential spot to travel to, South America and USA are other potential places.. USA may not be too ideal as a large part is gonna be cold..

Intro about myself
1. 28 year old in the finance space.
2. Have explored most of Western, Central Europe and some parts of Eastern Europe, large parts of South East Asia/Asia and couple of spots in USA
- Croatia is a hidden gem, with its Plitvice Lakes National Park ( and Blue Cave (
3. Enjoys landscapes, adventure, sports, music, nightlife, food. Also trying to venture out of my comfort zone.

Drop me a message and let's see how it goes! :)
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Did you manage to find a TB already ?

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just replied to your messages. didnt receive any notifications from the forum :/

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Hi i am actually heading to Nz and Samoa in mid dec for a month...u wanna join me for part of the trip?

U can whatsapp me at 90939180 as its faster