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- Read this First -
« on: Aug 31, 11, 04:30 AM »
Details to mention in your post

As some members have pointed out, it would help if more people would be a bit more specific in their posts, mentioning things like itinerary, budget, age, and gender. You'll get more and better results.

And since most people don't click on every post, it would be helpful to mention the destination and travel period in the subject, so that people can see what your post is about in a glance.

In which year to post ?

That's based on the earliest possible departure date of your trip.

Of course, if the travel date changes, the post can be moved from one year to the next. And if a post doesn't have a travel date, because the date is flexible, than that post goes in the current year, and can be moved to the next year in November or December.

To move a post, just send a personal message to the moderators of that board.

Package Travel

We're a community of independent travellers, so don't expect much success, or a warm welcome for posts for package travel. Of course, for certain destinations like North-Korea, Tibet, or Bhutan, independent travel sadly isn't an option.

And if we feel you're a travel agent, trying to sell your stuff, we'll just delete your post or move it to the "Buy & Sell" board.
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