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TB Nepal Trekking: Langtang Valley Trek (July)
« on: Mar 02, 16, 03:39 PM »
Trip Details:
Destination: Langtang Valley Trek
Period: 1 July to 11 July 2016 (6 days Annual Leave due to PH)
Highlights: Chorko-Ri Peak (4930m)
Budget: Est. $1000-2000 inclusive.

Hey everyone!

I'm looking for 3 other travel buddies to share travel costs and also companionship. We will be trekking at Langtang Valley, the third most popular trekking region in Nepal. The reason I chose this over the other trekking regions (Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Region) is that it is less commercialized and rather off-beaten compared to those as mentioned.

July is the monsoon period which means there will be rain and mosquitoes but it wouldn't be as bad once we have reached above 3000m in altitude. On top of that, I'll be renting/if not buying gear (Winter Clothing and other trekking essentials) at Kathmandu (Capital) on the day of arrival before heading up north to Langtang Valley. I'll  advocate getting waterproof hiking shoes in SG, since you really need it to be of good quality.

With all that said, I'll really prefer travel buddies that is between 21-27 years old which should be easier to communicate with! Also, don't be put off if you're new to this - we'll learn from our mistakes and hopefully just laugh it off.

For peeps with wanderlust and strong interest, feel free to introduce yourself and drop me a mail at

Signing off,

A brief description about myself - I'm currently 22 years old with an avid interest in mountain treks around Himalayas. This will be my second trip to Nepal. I'm not shy to say that I'm an amateur in this - I have never done anything like this before. The question I ask myself which is pretty much rhetoric is always,"Why not?" Retrospectively, I have been to the mountainous regions at Sapa, Vietnam (as a solo traveller) and ended up motorbiking over 160km in the misty mountainous roads which was absolutely exhilarating.

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