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TB to Europe from End-May to Midy June
« on: Mar 23, 15, 03:41 PM »
Hi guys! I am a 24 yo female looking for travel buddies (preferably ladies but males also ok) for my Europe tour for around 2-3 weeks in end-May to mid-June this year before I meet up with my friend in mid-June for travelling in the UK (and maybe some other countries that we have yet to decide).

I have not decided which countries to travel to, but I am thinking of travelling from Singapore to Germany (Munich, Berlin), Greece (Santorini, Athens), Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), etc, hence it will be flexible! Would be great to find travel buddies who likes to backpack, enjoys scenery, a bit of hiking if there is any and also love to experience different cultures. I love to walk and explore the neighbourhood and I do not mind outspoken buddies or buddies who are quiet and shy. For accommodation wise, I hope to book cheap accommodation from places such as airbnb. I have not tried coachsurfing before however if you are interested in it, there's no harm experiencing it if it's safe! Hope to hear from you soon so that we can discuss on the places that we are interested in going!  :)
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