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The world through the eyes of a compact camera
« on: Nov 26, 12, 06:02 PM »
This is a bit of a hard-sell, but do read on if you are interested in travel photography.

This is a seminar organised by Canon. Whether you are a total noob to photography, or someone who cannot figure out how to take great pictures with your compact camera or you own a DSLR and want to know how a compact camera can compliment your DSLR, you are all welcome for this seminar.

Putting this up because yours truly is one of the speakers. I will be sharing photos from my world trip a few years back and will be talking about my experiences of using a compact camera on my trips and will also be giving a few simple tips on using a compact camera. For those who love adventures, you may be interested to know renown adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow is actually one of the speakers too. He will be sharing his experiences of using compact cameras on his adventures.

If you are interested in this seminar, do sign up at the website:

Thanks in advance for your support!