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Hong Kong
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Hi there,

As I am leaving to Hong Kong on the 18th April.

I would like to know if there is anyone who knows about how can I play around with my trip if I were to include these places into my schedule;

1. Hong Kong - Disneyland (A day trip I suppose and a night market tour near Tsim Sha Tsui/MongKok).

2. ShenZhen - This is optional. Here's the window of the world and wholesale for electronic gadget (Prob look-see only our of curiosity).

3. GuangZhou - the best shopping place in the world.

4. Macau - I thought of a half day to "look-see" and move up to GuangZhou for the heavenly shopping retreat.

I can either move up from HK-> GZ-> MC or HK-> MC-> GZ <- what do you suggest?

Also, how much approx should I change to the HKD and RMB(Guangzhou is by RenMinBi if I'm not mistaken)?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
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