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Singapore City (Ultimate Drive)
« on: Feb 18, 13, 01:21 PM »
Recently I've been to Singapore to have a short holiday, at the same time take a look at the city. I stayed at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, was window shopping when suddenly this shop caught my eye. The shop name is Ultimate drive. It's a short supercar test drive experience.. Hey have the Lamborghini and Ferrari. I've taken the lamborghini for a drive. Booked the 60min ride, drove around the Singapore city.. It's really a great experience to travel in Singapore inside a supercar. You get to see the city view while driving, it's really a once in a life time experience. Would really recommend tourist to go and try the Supercar ride. For those car lovers, you'll defiantly enjoy the 60min ride cause when you enter the tunnels, the bull screams.. The exhaust notes is extremely awesome.. Big recommendation to all of you out there to try!!  :) :) :hello2: