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Hong Kong
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Hi guys..  I'm planning to go on a trip to Hong Kong for the 1st time and am unsure whether it is easy to get around there.Some say it resembles a bigger equivalent of Orchard road in Sg but i'm worried about the communication barrier as i don't speak Cantonese at all. Also planning to go for some night life over there but was wondering if it's hard to navigate for happening clubs there to party. Anyone here knows what are the places best for shopping for guy's clothes and shoes ? Are the places for good food and shops mostly in certain areas like eg: Kowloon and Tsim sha tsui? Sorry for the many questions as this is my 1st time planning to go for a trip there :)
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Re: need advice
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since Hongkong went back to the rule of China, you get more and more China Chinese there. These days, you will have no problem getting around if you speak Chinese. Alternatively, English does works cos they get a lot of tourists there and it was once under the British.

There are shopping places all over the place, particularly in Kowloon and Tsimshatsui. You shouldn't worry too much about it. I suggest you go to the library to borrow some guidebooks to read up since it is the first time for you. These days, libraries often carry the most updated version of the travel guides. Instead of you asking question after question, it will be much faster for you to go read up and then come back if you still have questions after reading up.