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1 week blitz trip to sample the south of Morocco in November 2003

The pictures were taken with an entry level ASLR and the negatives were scanned recently.

Sunrise over Marrakech
Imagine no other sound than the call to prayer from dozens of loudspeakers all over the city, all starting a few seconds apart, and progressing at different speeds, and not necessarily in tune with each other ... Since it was Ramadan, it meant the start of fasting.

Palace in Marrakech

Storck nest - In a certain part of town there were lots of them.

The dunes of Merzouga

View towards the Algerian border from a tall dune near Merzouga

A ksar, or traditional fortified village, that has been the setting of Hollywood movies with a vaguely middle eastern team, such as "Lawrence of Arabia", "The Mummy", "Gladiator", "Alexander", and many more.

Peugeot 404's on the road to Essaouira

The city walls of Essaouira, a Portuguese stronghold until the French took it over.

One of the alleyways in Essaouira

Kitten on traditional rugs

The local hardware store
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