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google english translation (don't laugh at the translation, concentrate on the story :)
The english press has not gotten hold of the story, but should be the next day or 2.

original article

Mountain blocked the road blocked, can Lee Jeong jade earplug does not fear, did not hesitate, but relying on an explorer's spirit of adventure and tenacity, breaking the "Ex", Dawn of the "forbidden mountain", has become the conquest of the world's seven seven continents, the first peak in Southeast Asia were women.

??More than a month before departure to Tanzania in the Russian challenge personal record of the last two peaks of Li Zhen jade earplug (27) has successfully completed feat.

??The last one she can conquer the peak Shique difficult. First, multiple entry visa is not approved; come inland flights were canceled because of the temporary do not know Russian and had no idea; finally even to conquer the peak - located in Russia ????? disabilities mountain (Mount Elbrus) - - and who were due to acts of terrorism before the authorities shut down indefinitely.

??Even so, Christine jade earplug or courage. She had determined to recall the scene can not help but laugh: "Once I set a goal, they will hesitate to move forward, perhaps this is the so-called explorer spirit of adventure it."

??But she admits: "I was actually doing the worst, if unsuccessful, to a few months later; or else be 'arrested', need to seek foreign ambassadors came to 'rescue'."

??Christine decided to break jade earplug "forbidden mountain" decision in fact did not disclose to family members, friends only account for one in Singapore, "If a few days I have not heard the news went to inform the embassy it!"

??She an interview yesterday, enraptured to describe their experiences, not hide their excitement when it comes to how to break the "Ex", and then to avoid the "ambush", the still lingering fear.

??At that time, Christine jade earplug through continuous attempts, through the introduction of layers of friends and assistance, after much tossing and finally into the peak range, and in two days time frame quickly boarded the peak of 5642 meters.

??Standing on the summit, feeling the chill winds hanging over face, overlooking the boundless earth, Christine jade earplug, said: "I was really satisfied, I am glad I finally finished, I really want to present will be all and experience joy and share my faithful climbers of Mount Everest. "

Lee Jung-jade earplug in their conquest of a peak in the top of the last remaining 20 minutes later, still can not relax, and be escorted to the local friends "carefully" to go down the hill, on the one hand is to ensure safety, we must also vigilance to avoid the patrol track.
??Be back to "land" when Christine jade earplug was finally relieved. Completion of the fact that his feat, at this time "becomes a more real."

??Lee Jeong-jade earplug in May 2009 successfully led our women's Everest expedition (Mount Everest, 8850 m) peak. January and June last year, but has conquered Australia, Mount Kosciusko (Mount Kosciusko, 2228 m) and North America, Mount McKinley (Mount McKinley, 6194 meters).

??January and February this year, she climbed Mount Vincent in Antarctica (Mount Vinson, 4897 m) and South America, Mount Aconcagua (Aconcagua, 6962 meters), and in June and July has power to conquer Africa's begging Kilimanjaro Mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro, 5895 m) and the European ????? Shi Shan (Mount Elbrus, 5642 m).

??According to Christine jade earplug is understood that about 280 people so far conquered the seven continents of the seven peaks. Among them, about 40 are women, including those from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Asian women. Southeast Asian women, she had to belong to the first.

??More than two years spent on the mountain, Christine jade earplug to the United States next week to start another journey in life - to Yale University to pursue a MBA.

??After completing two years of courses to be, she should spend two months on foot with friends across the Greenland (Greenland). Christine jade earplug get get a cover forehead hair, smile: "When it is to graduate on time travel, is another journey begin!"

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Re: Jane Lee: 1st South East Asian woman to do 7 summits
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She is not far away from the Explorers Grand Slam then. For extreme explorers and mountaineers, these are like their holy grail.  ;D

Our Khoo Swee Chiow has completed the Explorers Grand Slam.

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Re: Jane Lee: 1st South East Asian woman to do 7 summits
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From the English papers, better late than never.

On top of the world: Climber hits the heights on 7 continents
Women's Everest team leader is first S-E Asian female to do so
 Singapore | Updated Monday
By Janice Tai

Two years after leading the first Singapore women's team to the top of the world's highest mountain, Ms Jane Lee has once again pushed the envelope.

When the 27-year-old got to the top of the 5,642m-high Mount Elbrus in Russia last month, she became the first South-east Asian woman to have scaled the highest summits on each of the seven continents.

Only 275 people have done this before her, and fewer than 40 of them are women.

The first South-east Asian man to achieve this feat was Mr Khoo Swee Chiow, who completed scaling all seven peaks in 2000.

Ms Lee, who quit her administrative job at Republic Polytechnic to make climbing a full-time pursuit, took two years to climb all seven mountains, with Europe's Mount Elbrus the last of them.

The other six were Asia's Mount Everest (8,850m), Australia's Mount Kosciuszko (2,228m), North America's Mount Denali (6,196m), South America's Mount Aconcagua (6,961m), Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895m) and Antarctica's Mount Vinson (4,892m).

Asked if she is ever bored scaling one mountain after another, she shook her head vehemently, saying: 'Climbing a mountain is never straightforward. You face spontaneous and unexpected environmental conditions that make each climb a unique experience.

'The same mountain can be quite different in different seasons, and descending can be quite different from the ascent.'

Her love affair with scaling mountains has thrown in other adven-tures, seemingly as part of a package deal.

She endured a hard landing on a runway of solid ice in Antarctica, climbed through five distinct climate zones on Mount Kilimanjaro, encountered snow storms that killed nine people on Mount Aconcagua and dodged Russian police in her climb up Mount Elbrus, which had been sealed off because of suspected terrorist activity.

The physically demanding climbs also forced her to get creative to survive in harsh environments.

In Alaska, where there was no one to help her carry her 44kg of equipment, she had to be strict about what to pack for her trip.

'I packed half a toothbrush and counted 40 M&Ms a day as food rations. I couldn't even afford to carry around extra M&Ms,' she said with a wry smile, referring to the chocolate candy usually eaten for pleasure and not sustenance.

For two weeks straight, potato crisps were her meals because they are high in calories, taste good even when crushed and are light to carry.

The frigid temperatures on the mountain-tops did not make life any easier.

Several times, she kept her water bottle in her sleeping bag, where it was warmer, only to find the water in it frozen by morning nonetheless.

She also developed frostbite from the few minutes she took off her gloves to hold up her sponsor's banner on the summit of Mount Vinson.

The title sponsor of her climbs was offshore oil and gas support company Swiber Holdings.

She was also sponsored by Bank Julius Baer, a private Swiss bank, and management consultancy Accenture.

The seemingly fearless woman does have her own inner demons - living with regret and not fulfilling her potential.

'I know the time and experiences we can have are finite. Therefore, I don't give up easily because I'd never know when the same opportunity will come knocking again,' Ms Lee said.

She has left professional climbing behind, and has started an MBA degree course at Yale University. She left for the United States on Aug 2.

She said: 'I hope to land a green-collar job like natural-resource management after I graduate. Climbing will be a complement to my life. I'd like to develop other areas of my life.'

Her idea of a graduation trip?

Crossing Greenland on skis.