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What if i stupidly bought 2 travel insurance & now need to claim?

I forgot I had paid for travel insurance when I buy air ticket and bought another travel insurance
Now my camera bag was stolen, I look into the policies

Company a
Stated they are not liable to pay for loss insured under other insurance policy (which sounded unreasonable, i'm just imagining if every company do that then nobody needs to pay already, doesn't sound logical to me but what to do).

Company b
Stated that
If I made insurance against someone, And if I do not get the full amount of claims paid, they will make up differences, but I have to claim from "them" first as in the first party, And it didn't state who is that first party.

Also stupidly I have emailed both parties, without mentioning I got two travel insurances. now i got claim forms through email and both forms asked if i'm insured under another policy. it appears to me that, even if i'm going to claim through one, i have to fill up that i'm insured under the other.

would there be such a situation that both companies refuse to pay?  ???

anyone, i got some advices from the photographers from clubsnap as well.
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