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Hey peeps, I'd been wanting to join the SGTravelCafe for a while, here I am now. I'm a Singaporean freelance travel writer, who writes for several print magazines in Singapore such as Food&Travel and NTUC Lifestyle mag. I also blog about my adventures, travel tips, volunteering experiences on my site

A couple of months back, my blog was featured on the Straits Times along with Dan and Yilin. Feel free to leave any comments or shoutout, will love to hear from you.

I just returned from a four-month trip through South and Central America. Now I'm based in Spain, and am hoping to travel to Eastern Europe next.

Glad to be here, and hope to meet some of you soon! Nell :hello:

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Hey Nell!

Welcome to the forum! Many of us have been following your travels with tremendous interest and envy!
Looking forward to your Eastern Europe blogs!
And drop by our gathering the next time you are back in Singapore...