Upcoming Presentations

Upcoming presentations can also be found in our Facebook Page:
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Dear all,

at this point I have the following confirmed attendance from the following 14 people:

1. Kelly
2. Matthew
3. Kris
4. Kwang Meng
5 and 6. Val and his friend
7. Justin
8. Jeremy
9. Gary
10. Leon
11. Doraemonsg
12. Spearhawk
13. Anexus
14. Myself

So I will continue to accept confirmations until we hit 20 because the maximum capacity of the private room is 20. You can also email me directly at tristansee@yahoo.com or sms me at 90939180

Justin will also be doing an interesting presentation on Madagascar that night.

So I will see you all at 7:30pm this wed at Amirah Grill at Pahang Street. Remember when you are there, just ask for the reservation under Tristan's name.

See you
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