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Post by: Jamess on Sep 27, 15, 02:58 PM
Hello fellow Singaporeans, my name is James and I am looking for someone to travel long-term with me, with the same or similar ideals. I dream of traveling the world, earning enough in every country just to buy my next air ticket to another new country, to experience new cultures, see new horizons and self-actualize. Although being brought up in the highly competitive society, I cannot succumb to societal norms for success such as have a stable income, a beautiful family and raising children.
I simply cannot entertain the idea of having a stable job and environment without seeing the world for myself. My dream in my lifetime is to experience all that this world has to offer. Scenery, sights, people and cultures, you name it. I have given this dream an unbelievable period of thought and I will definitely carry on.
I hope that I would find someone in Singapore, no matter how slight the chances are, to share and venture on this journey with me. Iím currently 20 this year, and am currently using my remaining time to plan and prepare for my journey. Donít hesitate to contact me at if you have similar ideals or simply want to discuss travel, drop me an email! Endless possibilities await. ;>
Thanks and have fun travelling.