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Title: A " carousell " for money exchange
Post by: natnebuer on Mar 08, 15, 09:40 AM
Hello travellers !

My name is Reuben and recently I came back from a one year travel around the world.

I had this problem of carrying exotic currencies from country like Georgian Lari or Turkish Lira when I get back to Singapore, and I found that most of the local money changers doesn't accept these currencies or accept it at a ridiculous rate.

So I created a platform for travellers to exchange their exotic currencies with people that are intending to go to these countries.

You can check it out at (, currently its still in its baby stage so I would like to know does this idea help you in getting value out of your exotic currencies or how do you get rid of the exotic currencies ?

You can email me at =)

Also you can check out our travel blog at : ( and our photo blog at (

Thanks people!