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Title: Malaysia : Islands - Pulau Tioman
Post by: dragon12 on Aug 14, 12, 08:13 AM
I'm wondering why there are so few threads about Tioman here. I thought Tioman was a popular destination from Singapore and Malaysia?

Is anyone going to Tioman soon? Hari Raya?

Title: Pulau Tioman
Post by: calvin2224 on Aug 14, 12, 08:36 AM
It was a popular destination. It was one of the earliest island resort destinations which are easily accessible from Singapore. Nowadays, with cheap flight routes to so many alternative island resorts (Redang, Krabi, Ko Samui, Phuket etc), Tioman is just one of many. I guess it is still highly viable for weekend scuba certification courses.

It is the case for many popular beach destinations in the past, like Desaru, Pattaya, Kuantan... They did not stop operating. One can still visit these places. In fact Desaru seems to have undergone a slight revival, with 2 of the resort outfits having been revamped. Pattaya seems to have taken a slide to oblivion, in my opinion during a recent visit.
Title: Pulau Tioman
Post by: dragon12 on Aug 15, 12, 05:18 AM
Yeah, I reckon you're right.

Still, it's so accessible for us here in Singapore and those in KL, you'd think it would be a hot item on this forum, budget airlines notwithstanding. In fact, there's a direct flight to Tioman too.

Tioman is a few hours away at most, whether you fly ( in or sail ( in. Yet it hardly gets a mention here.

It's true though, as a scuba diving base, especially to get your PADI, it's a great location. Perhaps it's just not far and away or exotic enough eh.