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Title: YEP - Youth Expedition Project
Post by: thearena on Jan 27, 07, 01:58 AM
Name of trip: Rotaract Club of NTU International Service Project Shanghai 2007
Dates of trip: 10-22 June 2007
Place: Shanghai, China
Cost: S$1000 per pax
Deposit: S$200 per pax (You will be notified on the time, date and place to give the deposit after the email submission of your particulars)

Interested parties, please email to with the following details:



1. Full Name (As in NRIC/PASSPORT):
2. Gender:
3. Nationality:
4. Date of Birth:
5. Age:
6. Email address:
7. Current Employer / Education Institution (including Course/Year):
8. Past/Current CCA (Name of CCA/Appointment held/Experience):
9. Contact number / Best time to call you:
10. Describe any experiences you may have as a facilitator in any event:
11. How would you describe yourself?
12. How will you add value to this year's Shanghai YEP 2007 trip?


Each year for the last ten years in Shanghai, China, huge influxes of people from rural villages of inland provinces, together with their families, flood into bigger cities such as Beijing and Shanghai to seek a better life.

They arrive not by hundreds but by the ten of thousands and settled down into jobs like odd job laborers and part time construction workers. This group of people tend to gather at the outskirts of the city where the cost of living is lower and where the cost of living is lower and where the living condition are not as developed as in the city.

Many privately run schools sprung up overnight to cater to the children of this growing population. However these schools are generally rundown and poorly equipped as they do not enjoy the support or financial help from local authorities. Recognizing their need for assistance, Rotaract Club of NTU in partnership with YMCA Singapore and YMCA Shanghai organizes service programmes to refurbish libraries and provide basic English and Arts lessons.

Volunteers will be required to organize a donation drive for 2nd hand computers to set up a simple lab in the village school. They will be expected to conduct basis computing classes and introduce simple and interesting application programmes such as Adobe Photoshop to allow the children to print a simple self portrait or class photo for their own keepsake as they generally do not have the opportunity to take photographs.
Title: YEP - Donation of Books Wanted for Lao Book Drive
Post by: staad3 on Apr 08, 07, 12:48 PM
see link:
Title: Re: YEP - Donation of Books Wanted for Lao Book Drive
Post by: travelbug on Apr 11, 07, 04:41 AM
this seems quite a well organized effort. i will try to donate.
Title: Re: YEP - Donation of Books Wanted for Lao Book Drive
Post by: slowly on Apr 11, 07, 06:39 AM

Children books only. Lonely Planet cannot.
Title: Re: YEP - Donation of Books Wanted for Lao Book Drive
Post by: travelbug on Apr 12, 07, 03:59 AM
ya, as u know, i'm only 12, so many suitable children's books. wat is lonely planet  :)
Title: Re: YEP - Donation of Books Wanted for Lao Book Drive
Post by: slowly on Apr 12, 07, 04:49 AM
my mummy say cannot tell lie...
if not will fall off from bicycle...  :P
Title: YEP - Donations of toys, books, games, clothes, umbrellas
Post by: thearena on Aug 30, 07, 03:04 AM
Subject: Fw: Youth Expedition to Yangon, Myanmar

A friend of mine will be leading a Youth Expedition with a team to Yangon,
Myanmar in late September.

To prepare for the upcoming monsoon, they will be touching up a ward in the
outskirts to make it into a dependable shelter for the children. The whole
shelter concept acts like a daycare, with learning and play corners as well
as a small library, where children spend their time there as they take
shelter from the monsoon while their parents are out at work.

Henceforth, I would like to appeal on behalf to you reading this, who can
contribute items like toys, books, games, clothes, umbrellas etc which can
benefit the children during the monsoon period. However, we are unable to
collect soft toys as it is not appropriate for play in the wet conditions
and may even form a breeding ground for centipedes.

If you have any items, or know of anyone who has some items, and would like
to contribute to the children's shelter, please drop me an email, and I will make arrangements to have them collected
at your convenience.
Title: YEP - Laos 08 Recruitment
Post by: thearena on Dec 19, 07, 12:39 AM
Are you looking for something meaningful to do during the summer break and learn more about the Lao village life?   The Youth Expedition Project (PROJECT METTAHEART LAOS 08) to Luang Prabang, Laos may be just what you are looking for! The expedition, jointly organized by the Singapore Buddhist Lodge and the NUS Buddhist Society, will be from 16th to 30th May 2008.It aims to fulfill the needs of the students of Muang Kham Primary School in Luang Prabang.

The project consists teaching English to the students and engaging them in Arts and Craft sessions with the students after their lessons. In addition, a cement multi-purpose court and pathway to the Primary School will be constructed. The cost per person will be an estimated $500 inclusive of accommodation, food and air tickets.
We are looking for passionate and committed young adults who want to give back to society and at the same time bring a whole new perspective into their lives. Project Openings: Administration, Logistics, Publicity, Programme, Local projects and Publications. As in any YEP, commitment is of the utmost importance. Only those who are able to commit to making this project a success may apply.

For enquires, contact  Lee Zhi Han (96510782) from now until 3rd January 2008. Please contact Pamela Lee (81231915) between 4th January and 18th January 2008 (deadline). In addition, further queries can be directed towards and for registration, please email by the deadline!
Title: YEP - Mysore, Bangalore South India - Dec 4 -21 2008
Post by: thearena on Oct 03, 08, 07:35 AM
Youth Expedition Project (YEP) to Mysore, Bangalore South India
Tentative dates: Dec 4 -21 2008

The Expedition is a 16 days trip to Mysore, India in December 2008 to work together with the local non-government organisation in improving the facilities in one of the villages.

The project will last for 16 days with time for work, cultural exchange and recreational activities such as visits to wildlife reserves and palaces and Bangalore city. We are looking for people between the ages of 17-35 years. Participants will need to be be flexible in their outlook and be willing to interact and work well as a team with both the local host community in India and fellow team mates from Singapore.

You can also visit this websites to know more about YEP and our previous expeditions and

So for those who are interested or would like to know more about this project, please do contact Prema 91466252 & Naufal 90041423. Those who have gone on previous YEP trips, are also welcome to join us.
Title: YEP - Cochin, India (Aug09)
Post by: thearena on Feb 21, 09, 05:49 AM
What does the project entail?
Improvement of local sanitation systems. This entails building of wells and toilets.
Providing basic English literacy skills and Sanitation lessons
Being part of the cultural immersion with a home stay program

When is this planned for?
1st 15th August 2009: India, Kerala

Title: YEP - Cochin, India (Aug09)
Post by: charleroi on Mar 17, 09, 01:39 PM
Title: YEP - China - Oct09
Post by: charleroi on May 06, 09, 09:35 AM
YEP team will be heading to China from 5th - 22nd October this year.
We will be going to a kindergarten in the Huairou District, Beijing.
These kids are children of migrant workers.
The kindergarten lacks educational resources as well as the high possibility of the railway government withdrawing funding for the school.

Proposed scope of project:
1. Setting up children library and play room
2. Refurbishing kindergarten premises (Painting murals, walls etc.)
3. Enrichment camp for children

If interested, please email us at
Title: Re: YEP Project to China
Post by: China Traveller on Dec 15, 09, 01:42 AM
Hi Charleroi,

I am interested. Pity I saw this late. Any YEP projects coming up?

Title: Re: YEP Project to China
Post by: terryseow on Dec 15, 09, 12:04 PM

I am very keen too but it's too late....

Terry :'( :'(
Title: YEP - Bangalore, India ~ Dec 2011
Post by: yepbgl on Jun 27, 11, 10:02 AM

This December, YEP Bangalore 2011 is leading a group of youths to one of the rural villages around Bangalore, India.
Join us and bring smiles to the underprivileged children in Bangalore, India!
The tentative dates of the expedition at this point are 5th Dec 2011 to 18th Dec 2011.

Please visit our website for more information: (http://"")

LIKE us on FB > YEP Bangalore 2011 | Facebook Page (http://"")
Title: YEP - Bangalore, India ~ Dec 2011
Post by: yepbgl on Jul 13, 11, 01:26 PM
We are still recruiting participants for the expedition...
Do gather your friends and join us!!!

Please visit our website for more information: (

LIKE us on FB > YEP Bangalore 2011 | Facebook (

Click on the image to view in full size.
( (http://"")

Title: YEP - Want to know what a YEP project is like?
Post by: PlanetHollywood on Dec 20, 11, 03:11 AM

Want to know what a YEP project is like? Keen to know and discover projects in places like Cambodia and China. Hear how different instituitions impact others through the YEP. Discover first hand the experiences and how to start one of your own! RSVP with yourname, nric, hp and email to by 5 january 2012!
Title: YEP - Project Quang Nam, Vietnam (May/June 2012)
Post by: PlanetHollywood on Dec 21, 11, 01:27 PM
Are you looking to do a YEP in 2012? We have a team looking for members. They will be heading to Vietnam for 2 weeks either in the month of May or June! The goals of Project Quang Nam is to provide guidance to Quang Nam village youths through a series of activities. Through this project, the local youths will pick up skills (e.g. leadership, carpentry, English) that will be valuable and useful for their future. The activities they will be involved in are: 1) Painting and renovation of the schools (from kindergarten to primary and secondary) 2) Carpentry (building of school furniture such as tables and chairs) 3) Setup of sports facilities (badminton, soccer, etc) 4) English lessons If you are keen you may email by 31 Dec 2011!
Title: YEP - Project Open Hearts IV, Philippines (May/June 2012)
Post by: PlanetHollywood on Jan 06, 12, 01:22 AM
Project Open Hearts IV is a Youth Expedition Project (YEP) in collaboration with Gawad Kalinga Hope Initiative (GKHi). This YEP would take place in Calubang, Philippines, in May/June 2012. (tentatively: from 30th May to 12 June 2012)

Together with the GK residents, our main aim is to build brightly painted homes in a sustainable community for calamity victims in the vicinity. We would also be conducting activities for child and youth development in the community.

Project Open Hearts IV hopes to recruit 15 members, to form a team of 18, including two leaders and one mentor. If you're looking for something meaningful to do in 2012, check out our website at for more information! You can also contact us at for more details.
Title: YEP - Bangalore, India
Post by: PlanetHollywood on Jan 25, 12, 02:09 AM
Project "Shiksha" is a Service-Learning Expedition under the Youth Expedition Project, (YEP) and supported by the National Youth Council of Singapore to Bangalore, India in June 2012 for 16 days. The expedition dates are 4th Dec to 20th Dec.

The project will last for 16 days (excluding travel days) with time for service project, educational experiences and recreational activities such as visits to wildlife reserves and Mysore city.

We are looking for Tertiary students, working adults and professionals between the ages of 17-35 years, irregardless of race, language or religion.

Join us now :
Title: YEP - Volunteer in Cambodia
Post by: PlanetHollywood on Jan 30, 12, 02:23 AM